get to know me

Hi there! My name is Andre Madarang and this is the part of the website where I get to write about myself. Ever since my dad got me my first computer (486 DX2/66), I’ve shown huge interest in anything related to computers. Anything from installing the latest games, to connecting to the local BBS (via 33.6k modems), to learning the latest software. When I discovered the internet (via AOL floppy disks), my mind was blown at the amount of information available to me. I continued to learn and quickly became the go to guy for “tech support” in the family.

I eventually attended the University of Toronto, where I studied and earned a degree in Computer Science. I’ve programmed in several different languages but find that I am most interested in anything related to the Web. The industry is fast paced, and constantly moving forward. It is one that requires constant education throughout your entire career. This, to me, is exciting.


Technical Skills

UI/UX Design
Starcraft 2

Other Interests

When I’m not writing code or pushing pixels, you’ll probably find me playing video games (what a surprise!). My favourite game of all time is probably the Starcraft series. I also love console gaming as it has always been a part of my life since childhood. Anyone remember the ColecoVision? That’s what got me started!

I also love playing a variety of musical instruments, though the acoustic guitar takes the cake. There exisits an indescribable feeling that occurs when I am strumming the strings on my guitar. I don’t play as often as I used to, I should really get back into it... Have a look at my youtube channel for some videos I’ve done in the past.

When I want to get into couch potato mode, I enjoy the following TV series: Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Better Call Saul, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Silicon Valley, Arrested Development, The Office, The Walking Dead. Ok, I think you know me pretty well now. I honestly don’t know what else to write!