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April 2016 Review

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My collection of articles / tips / tricks / talks / screencasts / code snippets that I’ve found interesting throughout the course of April. Enjoy!

Jigsaw – Static sites for Laravel developers

Jigsaw is a framework for rapidly building static sites using the same modern tooling that powers your web applications. I am so used to using Blade templating and Laravel Elixir, this will be great in terms of workflow for generating static sites!

Simplifying Conditional Expressions

A great overview of simple code changes we can make to clean things up and make code more readable.

15 slack tips in 5 minutes

Some great tips via Wes Bos to make your slack workflow more productive!

A Simple Web Developer’s Guide To Color

A great guide for web developer’s who need help choosing a color palette.

Great Email Copy

A great list of nicely crafted email copy from around the web.

The CSS Animations Pocket Guide

A free ebook outlining the basics of CSS animations.

Why Javascript Development is Crazy

An excellent read on the state of JavaScript development and a tendency to over-enginner our apps.

Kite – Programming Copilot

Kite augments your coding environment with all the internet’s programming knowledge. This looks promising, will definitely give it a try.

Laravel Spark

Laravel Spark has officially been launched! From the genius mind of Laravel creator Taylor Otwell, Spark takes care of all the repetitive boilerplate code needed to launch your next SAAS app.

The Best Flexbox Resources

A great list of resources for the current state of flexbox. I really need to get on the flexbox bandwagon!

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

A quick reference for the many components of Bootstrap 4. Will give this a try once Bootstrap 4 is officially released. I feel like this reference is much quicker than the official docs.

Popper.js – A kickass library used to create poppers in web applications

A great little modern tooltip JS plugin.

Modaal – An accessible dialog window plugin for all humans.

A great little modern modal JS plugin.

SparkPost – An excellent alternative to Mandrill

Recently, Mandrill announced that it was merging with MailChimp and was no longer being offered as a standalone service. Well shit, Mandrill was one of the most popular transactional email services used by devs. They recommended SparkPost as an alternative, also honouring Mandrill’s pricing for any customer that switches to SparkPost from Mandrill. I personally switched to Mailgun, but will give SparkPost a try for my next project.

Colorful – A curated list of awesome resources to choose your next color scheme

A wealth of resources to make sure your next project looks good!

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