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August 2016 Review

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My collection of articles / tips / tricks / talks / screencasts / code snippets that I’ve found interesting throughout the course of August. Enjoy!

Taylor Otwell Laravel 5.3 overview

Taylor Otwell (creator of Laravel) gives an overview of the new features of Laravel 5.3.

Fake it ’til you Make it CSS

A great post on several techniques related to how content is rendered before it is actually loaded.

Practical SVG

Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks has written a book titled “Practical SVG.” I just picked it up, super useful info on here!

8 bit Games

Get in the olympic spirit with this fun little game.

15 Interesting JS and CSS libraries

A great list of useful JS and CSS libraries to check out for your next web project.

18 Useful Tricks to Speed Up WordPress Performance

A great reference for speeding up your WordPress website.

Laravel 5.3 Released

The latest and greatest version of Laravel is now released. Have a look at this overview of it’s latest and greatest features.

The State of JavaScript 2016

Depending on who you ask, right now JavaScript is either turning into a modern, reliable language, or a bloated, overly complex dependency hell. Or maybe both? Take this survey and let your voice be heard.

Google Moves to Restrict Annoying Ads

Do you hate it when ads straight up block access to the content you want to see? Well Google does too! No, really. Starting now, Google will be penalizing sites that use interstitial ads on mobile devices.

WordPress API with Laravel

Eric Barnes outlines his way of using WordPress with Laravel.

Cool Effects using three.js

Ohhhh…. ahhhhh.

CSS Eevee

See the Pen CSS Eevee by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.

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