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February 2016 Review

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My collection of articles / tips / tricks / talks / screencasts / code snippets that I’ve found interesting throughout the course of February. Enjoy!

Windows 95 compiled into JavaScript running in a browser

Truly impressive. Give it some time to load, took me a while to boot Windows 95. 🙂 I then proceeded to play an entire game of Solitaire.

Tired of Waiting

Jack McDade shares some tips on how to speed up install times for composer packages and npm installs.

Chrome Dev Tools Dark Theme

I started using this dark theme for Chrome Dev Tools and I’m definitely liking it over the default light theme. I also started using this extension for syntax highlighting code in the browser (currently using github theme). Update: Now using this extension because it has support for Pretty Printing (unminify-ing) minified code. Pretty code is pretty.

Today DigitalOcean lost our entire server

An unfortunate event for one serves as an important reminder for the rest of us. Back up your data and be ready for the worst! This can happen regardless of the provider, so make sure you are ready with your backups!

live-server – simple development http server with live reload capability

Just started using this. An excellent, zero config, local development server with live reload out of the box. Literally just type in live-server in your root directory and you are up and running. It will watch and live reload all your html/css/js files. FRICKING AWESOME! Sass support would have been awesome (no plans for this: see thread), but you can always combine your build tools to work with live-server.

Frontend Design

Totally agree with this article and how the definition of a “front end dev” can often be confusing. On one end of the spectrum, they can be closer to the presentational/design side of web. On the other end, they can be hardcore JavaScript programmers, implementing the complex logic of a SPA.

Petr Tichy blogs and teaches front end animation and scrolling techniques using popular JavaScript libraries. An excellent resource if these topics interest you. I will definitely be checking out his workshop on the GreenSock library!

Discovered through his deconstruction video of the hilarious website.

Getting Ready For HTTP/2: A Guide For Web Designers And Developers

An excellent overview of important information regarding HTTP/2.

A love letter to jQuery

Glad to see some appreciation for jQuery still exists in today’s state of Web Development.

A PHP Terminal GameBoy Emulator


From the developer:

Some people will ask me: “Why you did that?”

Well, a friend asked me “What PHP can do?”. I thought about that awhile and the idea came up. With PHP7’s performance improvement now it’s possible to emulate some systems and, come on, that’s funny!

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