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July 2016 Review

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My collection of articles / tips / tricks / talks / screencasts / code snippets that I’ve found interesting throughout the course of July. Enjoy!

A Front End Developer is Aware

A great read on all the other aspects that Front End Developers need to be (at least) aware of.

DigitalOcean launches block storage

DigitalOcean is launching block storage so that you can keep everything on their servers. A nice alternative to Amazon S3 and great if you are already a DigitalOcean customer. – daily tech inspiration for creatives and webdevs

I found myself really impressed with the resources on this list. From creative pieces that make me smile, to super practical JavaScript packages, I’ll definitely be visiting this site often.

Why the composer.lock file matters

I great article outlining the importance of the composer.lock file in your php projects.

Generate color palettes using the knowledge of millions of designers

A cool little app that generates pretty colors for you!

Cleave.js – Format your input content while you are typing

Love this package! Will definitely be using this for any forms that require input formatting (mostly payment forms).

AceJump Sublime Text Plugin

Jump between characters in Sublime Text 3 without using a mouse at ease. Still trying to get used to this and trying to minimize my mouse usage while coding. Note, there are key conflicts with this plugin and the popular emmet plugin. I used the FindKeyConflicts plugin to find them and used the info on this page to turn off those keybindings in emmet.

HyperTerm – JS/CSS/HTML Terminal

Really cool Command Line Interface built on open web standards.


A useful command line tool to retrieve the password of your currently connected wifi.

A Curated Collection of the 40 Best Google Fonts

A curated (opinionated) list of the 40 best Google fonts. Also check out the rest of the site, he has some wonderful resources and content on typography.

The evolution of PHP

A wonderful infographic of the evolution of the PHP language.


Presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions. I am impressed!

Wed Design in 4 Minutes

An excellent walkthrough of some basic design principles to enhance the UX of your website.

Scrolling SVG Sunset

See the Pen Scrolling SVG Sunset by Dudley Storey (@dudleystorey) on CodePen.

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