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LinkedIn Redesign

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I often find myself going on Dribbble, finding nice little UI widgets and re-creating them on CodePen. There are also a ton of beautiful website redesigns on there, just waiting to be implemented in HTML/CSS/JS. I feel an entire website redesign within CodePen would be a bit awkward, with the limited amount of space available. Therefore, I’ll just post them here.

This one is from a dribbble shot of a LinkedIn redesign. I started this project months ago, and this is my attempt at completing it before the calendar year flips.


Dribbble Shot    Live Demo


It’s not an exact copy of the original design, as I felt it was a little too wide based on web standards. I’ve moved things around a bit and this was my final result. It’s not completely responsive across all breakpoints, but it’s pretty decent IMO.

Here’s a list of some of the tools I used:

If you’re interested, have a look at the GitHub repo for the code:
View on GitHub


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