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October 2016 Review

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My collection of articles / tips / tricks / talks / screencasts / code snippets that I’ve found interesting throughout the course of October. Enjoy!

How it feels to learn Javascript in 2016

A great read on how many developers feel getting into the JavaScript world in 2016.

Fancy Input

Makes typing & deleting in input/Textarea fields exciting & fun with CSS3 effects.

Is jQuery Still Relevant?

A panel of industry experts discuss their thoughts on jQuery in modern web development.

5 things you can do with Yarn

Yarn is a new package manager for JavaScript by Facebook. Learn how to use Yarn to increase your productivity.

Taking PHP Seriously

A great writeup addressing PHP and all it’s criticisms.

Inspiration for Letter Effects with anime.js

Awesome letter animation effects for your viewing pleasure.

Taylor Otwell – Patterns for Simplifying Laravel Applications

An awesome episode of Full Stack Radio featuring Taylor Otwell.

Ultimate WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

An excellent beginner’s guide for optimizing your SEO if you are using WordPress.

Halloween Pumpkin in CSS

See the Pen Halloween Pumpkin in Pure CSS by Rachel Bull (@rachel_web) on CodePen.

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