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OISE Continuing and Professional Learning

Web Application

The Office of Continuing and Professional Learning is a department at OISE, University of Toronto that offers institutes, courses and events catering to teaching professionals. They had an existing online registration system which did function, but not without many headaches. Users were left confused with cryptic error messages, inconsistent elements and an overall unpleasant user experience. The administration side was also frustrating as certain functionality was left unfinished or not working as expected.

Their requirements were simple: An online registration system that was intuitive and easy to use for both students and administrators. After careful planning and research, I designed and developed a system that made this process easy for both end users and administrators. Students were guided through a simple and modern user interface. The overall user experience was very pleasant from choosing an event, entering relevant information and online payment. Administrators also enjoyed a clean and organized view of all the necessary data that was important to them. Managing events and students was quick and easy, allowing them to focus on other aspects of event management.